Coming…..The Blogging Launch Giveaway

launchHello and thank you for your interest in the Blogging Insiders Blog.

This blog is launching to give you a behind the scenes and transparent look at how successful blogs are build and grown. As we learn from experienced and transparent bloggers we become ‘insiders’ and to define an insider,“a person who is a member of a community where members share knowledge so that each person can know how to build a successful blog”

To Celebrate the launch I’ll be giving away some cool and useful prizes to help you start your blog if you haven’t started it yet or to help you get to your next level as a blogger.

The most useful products and experiences you can get to grow your blog are from the industry leaders, bloggers like Chris Garrett,John Chow,  and  they have suggested some of these prizes.

iPad-Miniguest posting ebook

For Your Chance To Win One of These Prizes It Only Takes One Step.

  1. Write on the Blogging Insiders Facebook page and tell me the next step you will take to grow your blog. Maybe it’s getting your blog launched or reaching out to contact an expert you want to work with. What could you do to help your readers feel excited about your topic? what could you do to keep that excited and enthusiasm burning in you? What could you do to help your readers really feel like they understand what you understand?

Some of The Details and Guidelines:

  • The winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email before published publicly on the blog.

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